University Elections 2023

Our Demands

Student mobility must remain affordable

The Upgrade contract must not be the end of the debate on affordable student mobility. Affordable student mobility is a core demand for us in order to have a self-determined study and life, and the price of €49 per month is too high to be socially just. Therefore, we believe that the Solidarity Ticket, in its current state, continues to provide added value for the majority of the student body. The price of the Deutschlandticket (Germany Ticket) will gradually increase, so we must not terminate the solidary-financed semester ticket; otherwise, we risk that many students will no longer be able to afford mobility at all!

We need the long-term solution that the Deutschlandticket originally promised to everyone! Therefore, we demand the introduction of a €29 education ticket, which would benefit not only students but also apprentices, pupils, and many others!

If the education ticket fails, we consider a nationwide Solidarity Ticket to be indispensable.

Study as you wish

Still loving free exam trials

During the special regulations put in place during the height of the pandemic, it rightly became impossible to be exmatriculated because of a failed third attempt. The rationale that this hardship could not be justified in the situation at the time continues to apply in our opinion. After all, what difference does it make if someone passes an exam on the third or fifth attempt? In our opinion, students can decide for themselves whether continuing their studies makes sense. Furthermore, we consider the sanctions for failing a third exam, consisting of exmatriculation and a nationwide suspension of that course, to be completely disproportionate, particularly in the light that some exams were designed to “screen out” students. 

Withdrawal possible until the start of the exam!

Ever gotten sick  the day before an exam? Came to the conclusion that math is probably not passable tomorrow? We demand the abolition of the arbitrary deadline of 8 days before the exam! Who is hurt if in the end fewer exams have to be corrected or fewer certificates have to be issued?

We demand: flexible withdrawal options and an extended registration period!

The university must be a safe space for everyone

Not a millimeter right! Not today! Not tomorrow!

No inch to the right, neither today nor in the future! Racism concerns all people, and universities, in particular, must be free from racism and fascism. TU Darmstadt should not boast about internationalization and diversity while misspelling names that cannot be represented solely with the Latin alphabet!

Patriarchy does not stop at the university. We stand against sexism at the university and demand consequences for professors who, through their research and teaching, for example with discriminatory lecture examples, prevent the university from being a place for everyone!

Want to get involved?

We are open to everyone interested in a forward-looking and emancipatory politics at universities, regardless of whether you have an SPD party membership or not. Contact us at